Rare Cats of Neko Atsume

Neko Atsume is all about cats. In this game, you simply invite stray cats to your backyard by presenting them good food and fancy toys. The game has a total of 49 cats and collecting all of them is nothing short than an achievement. It is similar to filling the Pokedex in Pok√©mon. While most cats in this game are easy to find, there are, however, 17 cats that are rare and require extra effort to find them. These cats are rare because they leave behind “mementos” i.e. collectible items. These cats also leave behind silver and gold fish that are important to the progress of the game. In this article, I will guide you on the best way to find and play with those rare cats in your backyard.

Joe DiMeowgiomaxresdefault

It is named after the famous American baseball player Joe DiMaggio, so naturally this cat will come only if you have a baseball lying around in your garden. This cat doesn’t care about the food or fancy toys as long as there is a baseball. It has a power level of 28.

Guy Furry

It is named after the famous American TV cheats for neko atsume Fieri. This cat will show up at your backyard when your glass flower vase or stove is out. It has a taste for art, and the glass vase will allow the cat to eat almost anything except the Thrifty Bits if the heater is non-operational.


Your toys or fancy furniture won’t attract this cat. Tubbs is a heavy eater and will eat almost anything happily. It has a power level of 130.

Lady Meow-Meow

She is based on the American singer Lady Gaga and accurately depicts her personality. She is a diva cat, and you need to have an expensive and luxurious hammock if you want her to pay you a visit. This cat will happily eat anything except the Thrifty Bits, so it is recommended to keep them away.

Ms. Fortune

To attract her, you need to have a deluxe house in your inventory. She has a charismatic personality and doesn’t have any eating preferences.

Bob the Cat

This cat loves to climb, so it is necessary to have a cat metropolis in your backyard if you want to attract it. Bob loves the outdoors and will eat anything you feed it.


Although Peaches is not a rare cat officially, players will agree that it is hard to find one. She is attracted to a variety of items and comes with a power level of 45.

These are just some of the rare cats in this game and if you follow this guide, you will surely get them, but you will require patience. If you don’t have time, you can always buy fish using real world money or by searching for Neko Atsume cheats iPhone and hacks on the internet to, which to be honest isn’t as challenging as working honestly.

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How To Select A Web Design Company

Are you looking for a perfect website for your needs? Do you also want your website to be optimized by leveraging proven search engine marketing strategies? Well, some of the best web design companies offer this and more. Here are some tips to help choose the right web design company for your needs:

Hiring a Web Design Company: Tips

Here are some useful tips to help you hire the right web development company:

Review the company’s services and capabilities in terms of your business requirements. For instance, if you are hiring a company for creating a unique business identity, talk to them about their capabilities and what they do to achieve the goal.

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Hiring a Web Design Company: Benefits

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